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Kind donation from kindergarten pupil to Twin Meadows

Get the tissues ready...

We had the most incredible donation made by Robert, a kindergarten pupil of Fernie Academy! He wanted to donate his Christmas money from his grandparents, so the animals can have Christmas presents.

Robert! You are amazing and the coolest kid in the Elk Valley! Thank you so much!

Robert (L) presenting his donation to kindergarten teacher, Alexandra Simons (R)


We want you to know that your selfless act of gifting your Christmas money to the animals has started a ripple effect. We had two anonymous donors now asking if they can match your donation because of your amazing example!

Your gift of $100 has now turned into $300. All because of your most generous idea and your beautiful heart. Sometimes we have no way of knowing just how far our kindness will go and this is just one example.

Merry Christmas Robert.

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