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Nycki Wannamaker



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Alex Simons

Fundraising Director

Alex grew up with pets all her life and was often told that she has the passion, grit and stomach to work with either animals or kids. She has conquered both feats, having worked a Veterinary Nurse, before shifting career from the four-legged mammals to the equally rewarding and challenging two-legged variety, as a Kindergarten teacher.

Alex hails from Kettering, UK and is now happily settled in Fernie, BC with her rescue zoo of a guinea pig, two cats, a dog, and her fiancé (debatably ranked in that order of preference). In her spare time, Alex is a passionate singer, outdoor sports enthusiast, gardener, and also seeks to covertly add more members to her menagerie. 

Noelle Le Maitre

Social Media Director

Noelle has had an obsession with animals ever since she was little. Whether it was memorizing the dog breed encyclopedia, or ensuring never to miss a PBS Nature documentary. She has always dreamed of helping animals in any way she can.


Noelle moved out west from Ontario 5 years ago and never looked back. She fell in love with the community of Fernie and can’t imagine not hiking, biking, or snowboarding every day. Noelle loves fostering their rescue critters while she patiently waits for the day she finds her perfect furry match.

Kaida Wannamaker

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Tami Chechotko

Secretary Treasurer


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Sharon Soames

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Puneet Grewal​



Puneet’s love for animals began after spending her childhood taking care of feral dogs in India. While encouraging others in Asia to also help and care for dogs and cats, her drive to do her utmost to help animals in need only intensified. Originally from Vancouver, she has volunteered as a whelping foster home for puppies through different rescue organizations over the years, and after moving to the Elk Valley, she and soon realized that a rescue society was much needed in the area.

As the main founder of Twin Meadows, Puneet often rescued and rehabilitated local animals out of her own pocket. She never dreamed TMARS would become as successful as she once dreamt it would.