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Furry friends find a home in the Elk Valley

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Maggie is one of the 71 cats re-homed by TMARS in 2021, and an alumni of the 2021 ‘kitten season’. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

TMARS re-homed almost 150 animals in 2021

There were a lot of animals that went to loving homes this past year.

At last count, 71 cats, 65 dogs, six rabbits and a chinchilla named Pikachu were re-homed by Twin Meadows Animal Rescue Society (TMARS) in 2021.

Most of them found homes in the Elk Valley, but some went as far as Kelowna (if the adopter came out to meet them first).

“It has been a very overwhelming year – bigger than we expected, but we rocked it,” said TMARS co-founder, Nycki Wannamaker.

Each animal taken in by TMARS to be fostered or adopted gets a full health check, is neutered and re-homed to households capable to taking in a new furry friend – making the process an expensive one.

“Our biggest monthly vet bill was over $10,000,” said Wannamaker, who said that ongoing fundraising and donations from the community – as well as volunteers – made it all possible.

“I never expected us to be this busy or see these numbers,” she said.

“The team has been so eager to jump on this.

“Once we took on 12 dogs and 11 cats in one day, and we took care of all of them – we got them into fosters the next day after they were vetted.”

The work by TMARS is made easier through partnerships with the Sparwood and Elkford pounds, Tanglefoot vets, the many volunteers that give their time and the members of the community who support the society by taking part in fundraisers and donating cash (and time, and cans) directly.

To learn more about TMARS and upcoming fundraisers or events, visit their website at, or find them on Facebook.

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