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Many of you have been following the K9 Recovery Service story about tracking “Red Mama” aka “Rosie Red” on her long journey...


To celebrate her new beginning, we are very excited to announce her new name… Copper. She is the sweetest bloodhound you’ll ever meet. Copper was on the run, emaciated for several months and was avoiding capture at all costs. K9 Recovery dropped everything and went on scene to try to capture her. While she had other plans for her eventual capture, it took a community to get this girl safe. After she spent her stray hold in an animal control facility, we made the decision to intake and give this girl her second chance.


After she arrived in the Elk Valley, she settled into her foster home so well. She has about 15-20 pounds to put on and some other medical concerns that will be addressed asap! She was used for breeding several litters and will be spayed soon. She has Entropion in both eyes - meaning her eyelids roll inward causing discomfort on the eyes. This is corrected with a surgery. She is going to have all of her medical needs looked after and some training as well. It seems she has never been on a leash before and this current 75 pound dog is strong. She pulls wherever her hound nose leads her. We are working on leash training immediately, but she’s so food motivated that we know she will master it in no time.


Copper is a Houdini and has jumped fences during her stray hold but didn’t wander far. She would return to small children to secure her. Speaking of children, she adores them!! She would thrive in a home with children to dote on and play with. She’s still young and loves to play. She has been said to be 2-5 years but we have a feeling she’s closer to the 2 year mark with her lovely playfulness.


She is living with cats and a Yorkie at the moment. She ignores them all, but due to her hound background we suggest to always be present while interacting with small creatures. She is smart and food motivated which will make training easy. She has already been started on crate training and while she whines a bit at first before she settles in.

Copper will be a big girl around 90 pounds when she has filled out. While she’s not quite ready to be adopted due to her medical needs, we will be accepting adoption applications right away as a foster to adopt. We feel for her success, bonding with her forever family right away we think is ideal.


Once she has received a clear bill of health from the vets, the adoption will be final! She will need a very secure yard and ideally an applicant with breed experience. She seems to have NOOO interest in being a hunting dog and enjoys being a companion especially to children, so she will be adopted to a pet home with knowledge of hounds but who is willing to give her the Princess life she deserves. She would be a good hiking partner as long as she remains leashed.


If you think you would like to meet Copper to add her to your family please fill out an adoption application ASAP and we will be in touch if it is approved! Sharing her post would be a HUGE help as well! This very special girl is going to make a family very, very happy. Thanks Elk Valley!

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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