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What's Happening at TMARS


After countless hours of hard work by our dedicated team, we are excited to announce that we have been granted official CRA Charity Status.This is a huge accomplishment for our growing rescue! 


What exactly does this mean?? Twin Meadows Animal Rescue Society can now provide official tax donation receipts.  Receipts will be sent automatically at the time of your donation when you use the donation form on our website. The tax receipt email will come from  If you choose to make monthly donations, one tax receipt will be sent at the end of the calendar year. You will be asked to support Zeffy when you confirm your donation. This is voluntary and can be customized. 


Thank you to everyone for their support! The Elk Valley is truly a fantastic community. A huge thank you to our team. This was a long road of paperwork, papercuts and headaches. BUT WE DID IT!"

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Meet Copper - Our Favourite Bloodhound and Couch Potato

Copper came to us after being on the run for several months. She was severely emaciated and left to roam after producing several litters of puppies. It is estimated she is between 2 and 3 years old. She would thrive in a family home as she adores kids! She’s great with dogs, cats and people.


Copper is a blood hound and has very strong hound traits. She would benefit from long walks where she could follow her nose, but she doesn’t need vigorous exercise - she’s actually a couch potato! Due to her nose and her strong instinct to follow a scent, she should never be off leash and we strongly suggest a GPS tracker just in case. Her foster has done recall training incase she were to ever get off a leash by accident and she has done great. But again, she should never be off a leash due to her hound traits.

To learn more about Copper and the other animals available for adoption, go to the Adoption Page.

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The Class of 2023

The Team at Twin Meadows is heaving a collective sigh of relief after experiencing the busiest 3 months in its history. It really was a year of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the Rescue team rose to the occasion to help the animals that rely on us for their care and well-being.

By the numbers, we had 25 dogs, 49 cats and a rabbit!  But numbers don't tell the tale: 

  • As usual there were several litters of kittens - remember the Cheeses, the Fruit Bowl Babies and the Halloween litter!

  • We had the memorable Mama Polar and her 6 puppies who have enriched so many lives in the Elk Valley

  • Brisco taught us that mega-Eosophogus is an easy to manage condition with the use of a specialized high chair for eating

  • Of course we all remember the story of Copper who ran loose in Alberta for months, finally was captured in September and came into the care of Twin Meadows. After months of TLC this handsome girl is now looking for her forever home. 

  • And finally there was Tommy-Boy who pulled at the heart strings of everyone who met him. Tommy was found in Fernie, neglected and abused and paId for it with seizures. He had a skull fracture and terrible ear infections contributing to his ill health. Despite all that, Tommy was happy to finally know love and care from the TMARS and Tanglefoot Vet teams. Sadly, in spite of round the clock care and attention, Tommy was euthanized. Not all of our stories have happy endings but that only inspires the TMARS team to further our cause and care for animals in need.


It takes a village to do what we do.
We are so appreciative of all our community supporters past and present. 



Veterinary Services

Ongoing support and veterinary care for our rescues

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 36

$1000 | December 2022

$1000 | April 2023

$500 | January 2024

Thanks to the Fernie Legion Branch 36 for organizing the weekly meat draws on Saturday afternoons.

Elk Valley Thrift Store

$2,500 | June 2023


Another successful fundraising event with a team volunteering at the Elk Valley Thrift Store!  Many thanks to the TMARS volunteers; Michele, Gwyn, Laurie, Sharon and Rebecca. And a huge shout out to the staff and volunteers at the Thrift Store who are so helpful and generous! .

The Fernie

$2,065 | February 2023

Thanks to the Fernie Taphouse for organizing the weekly meat draws on Friday evenings. Stop by to watch the game on their 20 big screen TVs and enjoy the pub fare and good times.

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