Please meet Trigger! Trigger is a two year old shepherd cross, likely with some type of sight hound, so he has energy to burn! Trigger is gentle and loving with his humans, and is good with dogs. Though he would do well in a house without cats, as he likes to chase them. Trigger is extremely smart and he enjoys dog puzzle challenges and learns new tricks and commands with ease. Due to wanting to learn new tricks, he has learnt how to jump over 4' fences, so a home with a tall, secure fence is prefered. If he is not stimulated enough, he could get bored, and so could get into naughty habits to occupy his time. Trigger is learning how to overcome separation anxiety, and though he has come so far already, further exercise and crate training to manage this will help him continue to thrive.


Trigger loves his people and adores children. He is very loyal and follws his humans around to make sure they are not alone - talk about your own personal escort! He will try to please you all day long if he could and loves to snuggle in his down time.


Trigger is not a fan of livestock, as like cats, he likes to chase them, so a home without these is a must! Because of his tendency to chase other animals, he will need to practise his recall often to ensure he doesn't get lost chasing wildlife if he is off leash. It's a work in progress but he is getting it.


He is still a clumsy puppy though so keep aware of his feet. He plays gently with people and small children. He gets along famously with all dogs and loves a good doggy wrestle session. With an exercise commitment and training continuation Trigger would be lovely asset to your family. He will come with a crate to help continue his training.


If you are interested in meeting Trigger, please fill out an adoption application first and we will contact you.

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