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Tommy has a very sad story to share...


He came to us as a stray after he was found wandering the middle of the highway by 7/11 in Fernie, looking very confused and disoriented.  His rescuers took him straight to the vets for checks. He had no ID and after posting for an owner, but no one came for him. Medical checks revealed he had a plethora of issues, some of which may be related to the report by a witness of potential abuse toward Tommy. There is now an active investigation into the report, but we cannot provide details of any kind at this time.


In his initial medical checks, as well as a significant head tilt, we found out he was completely deaf and it was suspected he had a fractured ear canal. Tommy also began having multiple seizures a day. During surgery, the vets removed 2 ear polyps, but only then realised the extent of the damage to his years. Tommy has two ruptured eardrums that were the result of extreme head trauma and a mass behind one of his easr drums. Poor Tommy is now in the best care with veterinary staff and is made as comfortable as possible after recovering from surgery. While some of his medical conditions will be part as a result of the mass that was found behind one of his ruptured eardrums, many of his issues are certainly linked to an event of severe head trauma - possibly the one that was witnessed.


Since his surgery, he has been more comfortable and loves to receive fuss of all kinds from anyone who is near him. He is now a heardworking breadmaker, purring away toward anyone who is next to him. He has an amazing personality and the veterinary staff at the clinic adore him.


This guy has been through so much, but is still the most gentle and loving big-cheeked gentleman. Due to being in palliative care, he will never be up for adoption, but as supporters of Twin Meadows, you can help by donating to Tommy Boy's care. Simply e-transfer your chosen amount to and include Tommy's name in the message. Thank you for helping sweet Tommy experience love and care in whatever time he has left.

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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