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Hansome Spud is looking for a foster to adopt situation in a pet free home. He is a very special boy who has gone through a lot before he arrived in the Elk Valley. He was in a foster to adopt home with another dog, but heartbreakingly it did not work out.


He originally came to us from California after being found by animal control with a badly broken leg at the side of the road. Further X-rays showed that he had a pellet lodged in his heart after being shot. This silly, hansome boy ceratinly did not deserve such a harsh start to his life at the hands of such cruel people. 


While his former foster-to-adopt family are heartbroken they can no longer adopt him, they love him dearly and want what is best for him.


Spud is a special case and has been in our care for TWO YEARS with next to no applications! He is considered a "special needs" pup due to the pellet in his heart, and the allergies that he has developed that need careful management.


He is a big boy weighing in at around 30kg, but he can be the derpiest, loving pup who just wants to be loved and given a chance in return. He loves dog walks and adventures to burn his pent up energy and loves any attention people are willing to give him. Spud loves people and older kids, and would be great for a family with experience or confidence with bully breeds - just like any pupper, he has his quirks. He'd be great with someone who is not a shift worker and who can continue with positive reinforcement training and helping him learn new tricks. He's so eager to please that with consistent direction and positive reinforcement, he will be putty in your hands from the get go!


He is pretty good with dogs who are friendly and confident enough to show him how to "dog" not just how to "puppy", and would be good with a gentle doggo friend who can help calm his sometimes excitable energy. He does play a little on the rough side, so meet and greets with potential fosters with other larger dogs would be great. Though we are still testing him with cats, for now, we'd like to say a "no cat" household until we are sure everyone will get along.


It's very rare that we get this much info on an animal in our care, so please don't let it put you off. If anything, it is more likely to help set him and future foster-to-adopt families up for success with very few surprises. Spud is by far one of the most loving puppers we have come across and he deserves to be given a second chance after all that he has endured. 


If you think you can give Spud a foster-to-adopt home, please fill out our FOSTER APPLICATION.

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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