Spud aka "Crane"

Spud aka "Crane"



Hansome Spud (Previously known as Crane) is looking for a foster to adopt situation in a pet free home. He is a very special boy who has gone through a lot before he arrived in the Elk Valley. He was in a foster to adopt home with another dog, but heartbreakingly it will not work out.


He originally came to us from California after being found by animal control with a badly broken leg at the side of the road. Further X-rays showed that he had a pellet lodged in his heart after being shot. This silly, hansome boy ceratinly did not deserve such a harsh start to his life at the hands of such cruel people. 


While his former foster-to-adopt family are heartbroken they can no longer adopt him, they love him dearly and want what is best for him. They have provided us with the most AMAZING summary of Spud and his ideal home from their point of view. Please reach out asap if you would love to foster to adopt this beautiful boy. We will send you our FOSTER APPLICATION to complete. He is very special. We will accept a foster situation if we are not able to find a foster-to-adopt first.


From his former foster-to-adopt family:



- Fantastic with meeting new people and strangers.

- Best suited to an owner who works from home or a couple where one partner stays at home.

- Happy-go-lucky and eager to please.

- Absolutely needs someone home at lunch/mid-day to give him a bathroom break.

- Needs a bully-breed experienced home: Can be high maintenance, has some breed specific quirks and is not a good starter dog.

- Needs a handler who is confident and will guide him, give him lots of affection and positive reinforcement training.

- Kid-friendly but should not live with kids: He's too big/strong and too pushy. He's bad for running into things and can easily knock over an adult male (a kid could get really hurt). A super respectful, dog-savvy older teen might be okay!

- Loves to snuggle with people and will sleep in the bed. No worries about startling him awake.

- Still learning not to jump up and must be reminded to take his treats gently.

- No signs of resource guarding or food aggression with people.



- Friendly and social with large dogs, but is often too pushy and rude in his approach and can trigger a fight.

- Plays very rough with other dogs.

- Not good at reading other dogs' body language and signals: doesn't know when to stop.

- Would NOT respond well to being challenged by a strange dog. A hard pass on dog parks EVER for this guy, please!

- Prey drive could be an issue with small dogs and cats.

- After a slow and proper intro, he could happily live with a big female dog who is very tolerant, loves to play rough and would be submissive to him (no challenges). Don't let them share a water bowl or leave them unsupervised together for a few weeks!

- A lover not a fighter, but will finish a fight if one is started.

- Just to be clear: NO DOG PARKS!



- High prey drive.

- Fixates on cats/small animals= no cats, no small dogs, no livestock for this guy.

- His intensity makes small dogs so uncomfortable that he's never met one face-to-face with us. We avoid them on walks and work on redirecting his attention.

- Will chase wildlife (and livestock).

- Five months of training and desensitization with our two cats did not help.



- Definitely was a yard/outside dog before coming to Canada.

- May mark and/or pee in the house a few times before he figures it out.

- Benefits from lots of extra bathroom breaks and encouragement to go when he's outside.

- Will never ever have an accident in his crate.

- Drinks water obsessively. If he will be inside or crated for up to 4 hours without a pee break, you'll NEED to limit his water leading up to that or he will panic in his crate (because he can't hold it) and may hurt himself.



- Medium-high energy.

- Needs a solid hour of daily exercise, but happy to be a couch potato afterwards.


It's very rare that we get this much info on an animal in our care, so please don't let it put you off. If anything, it is more likely to help set him and furure foster-to-adopt families up for success with very few surprises. Spud is by far one of the most loving puppers we have come across. 


If you think you can give Spud a foster-to-adopt home, please fill out our FOSTER APPLICATION.

How do I adopt?

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