Poor Scotty has been on care since October 2021, but has had very few applications!


Meet Scotty the Scottish Fold. This distinguished gentleman is looking for a forever home. He is a polite boy. Handsome. And he loves dogs…. What more do you need in a man? But seriously Scotty is obsessed with dogs and NEEDS a dog in his home, so these are the only applications that we will be accepting for this dog-needy guy.


Scotty was apart of a 12 dog/11 cat hoarding situation we dealt with in the winter. This boy has come very far and we are so thankful to his foster for giving him the chance to live a normal life. Scotty is the perfect gentleman for your home. He seeks out affection and will make biscuits for you. As most men do, he will take some time to adjust and warm up to you. He will take his sweet time adjusting but we promise he is worth it.


Please fill out a dating application - oops - adoption application for this eligible, exquisite bachelor.

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