Reo is a young pup, who has not had the best start in life. He is hoping to arrive from Manitoba to start a new life in the Elk Valley as soon as we have secured a foster for him.


Reo is very sweet, smart, and has a medium energy level. He is neutered and up to date on his shots, though he will need a booster before 10th October. When he first came into rescue care, it was thought that he had been hit by a car. It turns out he had severe heat stroke and was emaciated and in poor health from neglect.


Although Reo currently has little obedience, but he is a quick learner with so much potential. He already knows "sit" and "leave" it, and with patience, love, and training, he really can be given the chance to learn to be his best self. This guy has a lot of love to give after his rough start and he loves belly rubs and snuggles with his human.


Due to his rough start in life, he has a few things he does need to work on:

- He grabs for treats, so needs training on a gentle mouth.

- He jumps up for attention , but is getting better. If you were neglected, you would be a little needy too.

- He pees when he gets scared (If this doesn't break your heart...)


This amazing guy needs a foster home asap to help him get the best start in this happier chapter of his life! Please reach out if you're interested in fostering, or in a foster-to-adopt situation. We will send you the foster application upon request.

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