Peanut was surrendered to Twin Meadows through no fault of her own after her owner could no longer care for her.


Peanut is so sweet and calm. She is forever eating hay and she eagerly waits for her greens in the morning. She will protest when her bowl of greens in empty! Although she is most content hanging out in her little hut in her pen, she also loves getting exercise outside and also hanging outside of her pen during ‘family time’. She has trouble gretting getting grip and moving on hardwood floors but loves to lay and relax on carpet or out on the grass. She seems to be most comfortable when we get down on the carpet with her to hang out as she has too many things to sniff and explore to be held too much. Peanut is not litter trained so protect areas she may be hanging out. She even loves crawling on and laying around on the carpet with the 85 pound dog in her foster home and doesn’t even seem to mind the doggy kisses. She didn’t seem to react or mind the cat in the foster home either.


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