Nahla & Loki

Nahla & Loki

These 2 siblings came from a house with 12 dogs 11 cats in a hoarding situation. They were the only cats out of 11 that could be tamed. They will have a chance at a forever home thanks to their amazing fosters.


Nahla (rare orange female) and Loki (brown male) are 3-4 months old and have come a long way! They were feral and still have a little ways to go. We would love for them to go together and they can help each other become confident in humans. Nahla is more outgoing than Loki but she is bringing him out of his shell slowly, but surely. Nahla cuddles with her foster in bed at night and now Loki is in the cuddle puddle.


No forcing! We suggest starting them out in a spare room with no hiding spots. So they can get adjusted to you and your movements. It will be a process. It will take love and patience. But these two are so worth it!



(Besides, they have a play companion if you adopt two!)


Please reach out if you wish to give these guys a home trial!

How do I adopt?

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