Introducing Karma!


At 9 months old, Karma came to us through a fellow rescue organisation who needed help finding her a foster home. She is the sweetest pupper and is very eager to please. As such, she is a quick learner, though would prefer a few treats in exchange when learning new tricks.


Karma has been working on appropriate manners when interacting with other dogs, and has several amazing interactions with dogs of similar age to herself. We think she would do best being in a home without cats, as she may chase them if they run. Neverthless, she has demonstrated that she is good with kids.


We believe this 24kg girl is an Aussie Shepherd Mix, so being an energetic gal, an active family would be an amazing fit for her!


From her foster family:


Karma in a nutshell is a sweet, motivated dog with puppy energy.


Karma is nervous to meet new people in the house, but she warms up quickly. She warms up quicker to women than men, but still loves everyone after being introduced! Treats go a long way in making her comfortable around new people. She’s more comfortable meeting new people in the backyard. Again, treats go a long way in helping her get comfortable with new people inside and outside the house.


Karma is very playful. She is still a puppy and has the energy to match. If she’s bored, she will find something she can chew on that she isn’t allowed to. She can be very nippy when she has a lot of energy, so we’re learning that hands and ankles aren’t for biting. She loves tug of war with her toys.


She needs a good amount of physical exercise in a day. She sniffs a lot on walks. On walks she stops and watches people, big cars, kids and dogs passing. She’s curious and will pull towards other dogs to say hi. She has shown no aggression towards other dogs on leash, but she will sometimes bark at them. We’re working on ignoring dogs that we pass, which high-value treats help with. She has met a few kids outside the home and has shown no aggression, but she is a puppy and still jumpy so she could easily knock a small kid down if she was off leash. 


We are working on her training. She knows sit through and through although sometimes she chooses not to listen. She knows lie down and shake a paw. We’re actively working on stay, come, drop and “off” which means leave something alone that she’s not supposed to have or get into (she’s a selective listener with that one). She needs to learn that she doesn’t need to say hi and pull towards every person and dog she sees on a walk. We’re working heal on which she knows but doesn’t always listen to if she’s very distracted. We’re also working on a command to look at me when people or dogs are passing. 


She is very food motivated and will work for her regular kibble in addition to treats. However, I use high-value treats on walks as this is when she’s most distracted. Her kibble and other treats are used when we’re doing training at home. She has shown no tendencies towards food aggression or resource guarding. She’s snuggly when’s she’s tired. She’s housetrained. She loves other dogs and loves to play with them when she’s off leash. 


Please fill out an adoption application if you think you can offer Karma a forever home!

How do I adopt?

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