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Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is just one bunny, not two like him name suggests.


He is a fun little bun who enjoys gentle fuss and personal space. He feels comfortable in his cage, but loves to come out to explore, roam, and hop about regularly to get his energy out. No doubt, as well as all the veggies, hay, and rabbit pellets, he'd like to have a variety of sensory toys, so he doesn't get too bored.


He needs a little trainning and socalizing, but he loves his nose rubs, and seems to seek out human interaction. However, he doesn't enjoy being picked up and handled. He seems to show a little food protection and does nip if you grab his food bowls or make quick lunges in front of him. So a home with respectful older kids or adults is likely a best match. With increased handling and positive reinforcement this could likely be improved further and he's already come far since te foster has had him in her care.


He's good with very little-critter respectful dogs, and with the foster's dog, even reaches out of the crate to boop noses almost everyday.  For obvious reasons, any remotely prey driven dogs have really upset him and so a home without one of these would be best, both for his own mental health and his safety. He has been working on litter trainning, and, while he's not quite there yet, he is making progress.


He would do well in a home with people who are super gentle and respectful toward his space. In the long run, he's likely thrive in a home where his people are patient and would put in the time to train him to understand that, as well as letting him enjoy his own space. After all, he only wants people to gently pet him and give him treats, love, and a little personal space at the end of the day.


Fill in an application if you'd want to add Cookies and Cream to your family!

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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