Our hero Carl healed faster than we imagined and was given the health clearance today from his kitty Dr! After everything Carl has gone through, he deserves to spend the rest of his life lounging indoor.


8/9-year-old Carl will do well in any type of environment. He is just so chill he can be happy with any home from chaotic to quiet. He will need someone who will brush him often as his fur tangles easily.


As a long-time outdoor street cat, we will be strict that he only goes to a home where he will be kept indoors for the rest of his life or at least on a harness and leash. He may be tempted to return to the street life. He still has hair to grow in from his procedure sites but is happy healthy and ready to talk to you and keep you entertained!


Please fill out an adoption application and reach out if you want to give the home Carl deserves!

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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