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Black Betty

Black Betty

Betty is an absolute cuddle bug looking for a quiet forever home. Hesitant at first, once she warms up she is happy to cuddle up beside you and enjoy some snuggles, rewarding you with the best purrs. She is starting to play more and likes string and her jingle balls! She will sleep at the end of your bed at night, and when you wake up will give you sweet little ‘chirps’ to say good morning.


She is a little on the tubby side, so with the help of her strict slimline diet, as well as kitty-cat exercise wheel, she is starting to loose some pounds. Her fluffy coat is a deep chocolate brown and she loves being brushed!


She needs a house that is free of young kids and dogs, so she can be the star of the show.


Please fill out an adoption form if you'd like Betty to join your family.

How do I adopt?

If you are interested in meeting or adopting, please fill out an online adoption form.

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